Terms & Conditions


a. General Information:

i. Each Unit has a Unique ID Number affixed / and identified by the purchaser and must be used in any communication.

ii. Space+ confirms that the unit and all its components are made in South Africa.

iii. The Unit is designed for use and placement only in undercover parking bay environments that affords protection from the elements and / or surrounding exposure.

iv. The units are not waterproof but all panels are treated, sealed and painted and will afford protection against minor drips and leaks.

v. The Units are not designed to afford protection against water ingress on any side.

vi. The Unit and all its components are treated for rust and corrosion under normal use.

vii. Space+ will retain records of any upgraded or master keys as fitted.

b. Warranty:

i. Unit and all parts carry a 2 year unconditional guarantee against manufacturing defects and corrosion that prevents it functioning as intended. Liability is limited to the cost of the Unit at the time of purchase.

ii. Space+ reserves the right to fix and / or replace any fault if deemed occurs under normal use and conditions at its discretion.

iii. Space+ is not responsible for damage or faults due to abuse, incorrect storage contents or loading, mishandling, being moved or accidents.

iv. Corrosive materials are not allowed to be stored within and must be kept a reasonable distance away from any Unit.

v. Any modifications or ‘repairs’ undertaken invalidates any claim and warranty.

vi. The Unit must be kept clean and no dirt should be allowed to accumulate in and on any part of the Unit that may affect its operation.

vii. Each Unit will have automatic registration of the 2 year unconditional guarantee with the original customers details as supplied on the Invoice or original communication.

viii. Space+ is not responsible for any damage, injury, loss or consequence surrounding or caused by the presence of the Unit and any contents held therein and its use in any way to any owner, other party or any other person or entity.


a. Buy:

The Unit remains the property of Space+ until fully paid for as Invoiced or communicated.

The Order Form must be completed and signed, and accepted by Space+.

b. Rent:

i. The Unit always remains the property of Space+.

ii. A deposit will be paid per unit prior to installation.

iii. Rental will be paid in advance monthly.

iv. The designated form must be completed with debit order and credit card details – both are required before any Unit will be delivered.

v. A renter may not move any Unit. Permission to move and moving the unit will not be unreasonably withheld in writing. Space+ will move the Unit as requested only if reasonable notice is given (greater than two weeks), the new premises are acceptable and any required payment is made.

vi. The Renter is responsible for any damage which will be paid for out of the deposit, with the renter topping up if not sufficient and restoring the Deposit to agreed required levels.

vii. Units will only delivered to the supplied address and not allowed to be moved unless permission given in writing.

viii. Space+ may allow one free move, less than a total of 50kms round trip if the rental agreement is to continue for a reasonable period.

ix. Space+ will remove any rented Unit given failure to pay for any reason within 1 month and inadequate communication and claim any costs incurred.

x. Space+ will claim the balance of the agreed rental period and / or charge costs according to its discretion by any means possible.

c. Delivery:

i. Delivery of Units is free within 25kms of Cape Town city centre. Charges will be at R10 a km above this.


i. No personal information supplied or financial details will ever be shared with anyone.

ii. Contact and communication mediums will be agreed / supplied.

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